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Works so well

It’s a great dry shampoo option and hair filler in one. Really helps on no wash days. Only issue is it’s a little messy but well worth the slight problem.

New favorite shampoo!

I really love this shampoo and conditioner combo. The shape makes it easier to hold and less prone to breaking than other bars I have tried. And it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth. Will definitely buy again.

Nice product, doing right by the environment!

I feel so much better about picking up my dog's waste on walks when using these bags! I finally am doing the right thing... not adding waste to the landfills and cleaning up after my dog! Hooray!

The colors don’t match packaging

The product is good, despite the high price tag. Please beware: Although the name and packaging color for Coastal Berry might make you think the balm is tinted, you’d be sadly mistaken.

Cleans my red hair (going white) very well. I wish they made a bamboo travel container that would hold the shampoo & conditioner bars.

Instant lathering, leaves hair and skin soft after rinsing and doesn't irritate their skin. Perfect for the scent sensitive person in my family.


My spouse primarily used this and said he found it drying. He is Southeast Asian with mixed dry/oily skin and moderate acne.

Need a lot but works well

I pair this with the plaine products styling gel and the two work well together. I have type 2b/c short hair above the shoulder that’s medium thick, and I think I’ll be through with my first bottle in 1.5 months (I wash twice a week). I apply it in the shower using a variation on the bowl technique along with the gel while my hair is still dripping wet. Also seems to help with controlling frizz.

My favorite kind of ugly

These unique shampoo bars are such a great bang for your buck! Stock up on your 2 bars before they sell out! If I could give more stars I would!!

adorable and high quality

i absolutely adore the colors they come in (i got light pink) and they’re very durable. fairly easy to clean and super convient.

works well

it works great to store my shampoo/conditioner bars. i like that it’s a specific storage solution because it’s easy to run out of storage options like silicone bags.

Love These Socks!

I bought about 6 pairs of these when I was replacing my old worn out socks two years ago, and have loved them. They are very comfortable and cute. They have seen much use and washing over two years and have held up wonderfully, still soft with great color.

Works Well

This was my first time trying a mineral sunscreen and I am pleased with its performance. Its easy to apply/spread, and does not leave a white tint. It does leave a waxy feel and I actually find it hard to wash off when I get home, but that makes me feel more confident to use it the next time I go swimming. Would buy again

Favorite Tooth Tablet I've Tried

I am a fan of tooth tablets in general and was very pleased to find this option with Flouride. I like the taste and texture as well; they seem to do a good job cleaning my teeth. I think I've been using this brand for a little over a year, and my dentist says my teeth look great :)

Effective & subtle

I really like this SPF. I am pretty pale so when I saw the color of it inside the tin I was worried it would look too strong but it goes on very thin and subtle which is great. It seems to have good hold and coverage.

Vegan Face Moisturizer
Nick Taylor-Rose
I love this mosturizer!

I've been using this moisturizer for a couple weeks now and I would absolutely recommend it. I was surprised at the size of the container - the photo made it look a little bigger than it is in my opinion - but a little bit goes a very long way which definitely offsets the cost. I only need to barely dip my finger into it to cover my entire face. I also like the smell, though the scent is somewhat strong so if it's not your thing I could see it being a downside.

Toning mist

Love it! It's refreshing to put on.

These are great!

These are actually better than the skyn ones IMO. They're more lubricated, and they seem to stay on better. They also come in this cute little box with drawers that I'll reuse once they're used up.

Just Plaine Perfect!

I love the idea behind Plaine's products. They are a little spendy, but I think it's worth the money, especially since it is truly zero waste. You can take an almost empty bottle, and let it drip into another bottle to ensure every drop gets used. That's not an option with most body wash containers. I like how you can choose whether a pump is included in the order, which also cuts down on waste. I also appreciate that returning bottles is a really simple process. Thanks for making an awesome product!

Ugly bars

I finally got a chance to snag this deal before it was gone and got one bar of each. I honestly can't tell what makes them ugly! They both look perfectly normal to me....Thank you for making these a truly zero waste option. It's a fun way to try different scents too.

It’s great but a little smaller than I expected.

Not happy about the scent

I will be returning this item, I am not happy about the strong scent. It affects my allergies.

Love these!

I love getting the ugly bars whenever I can! It’s such a great deal and they are still a fantastic item. I stock up on them whenever I get the email.